JOMOTech Lite 40 Review

Lite 40 Box Mod in Blue

Sometimes we just want to wear a basic T-shirt. You know the one I mean. No ironic statements, no artful designs, just a single color shirt with two holes for your arms and one for your head. Sometimes we feel the same about our vaping preferences. That ladies and gentleman, is the Lite 40 box mod by JOMOTech.

With a brushed aluminum body in a variety of matted colors, the Lite 40 has a charming industrial feel. The simple box shape and single button design are as straightforward as it gets. A bottom positioned micro USB port allows for charging with any standard micro USB wire.

The 2200mah rechargeable battery is enough to keep you vaping all day. Even heavy vapers regularly get over a half day of use from this mod. Though there is no display, the box does feature four battery indicator LEDs, so you aren’t totally in the dark when it comes to battery life.

Lite 40 Box Mod Battery Indicator Lights
Four LEDs indicate the remaining battery life.

A constant 40W is delivered to the atomizer, which is appreciable. In fact, we have found that it can be a bit too powerful for long draws. Since the Lite 40 lacks the temperature control capabilities found on more complex mods, it is necessary to burst fire the device as a means of manually adjusting temperature. This is definitely not a self-driving Tesla. Actually, it’s closer to your grandfather’s work truck – the one with a stick shift and no power steering. It’s endearing, as long as you enjoy feeling closer to the mechanics of the device.

Speaking of mechanics, the Lite 40 also uses a manually adjusted electrode (the piece that delivers electricity to the tank from the battery). Since it is springless, this can require a bit of setup to use properly.

Lite 40 Box Mod in Blue
Springless electrodes on battery and tank

Of course, nowadays some features cannot be done without, passthrough charging being one of them. Vapes of yesterday required that the device be shut off and set aside in order to recharge the battery. There’s nothing worse than watching your vape charge while you sit there twiddling your thumbs, or worse, contemplating a return to cigarettes. Passthrough charging allows for vaping and charging at the same time, and the Lite 40 has got you covered on this front.

The Lite 40 tank keeps with the theme of utility over fashion. It’s nothing especially beautiful or feature packed. That’s not to say that it is ugly by any means, but it’s clearly not meant to wow you on looks alone. Instead, it brings you 100% PYREX glass, 510 threading, and a decent 3mL capacity at a super competitive price point. It’s hard to find another tank that gets the same job done for cheaper.

Lite 40 Box Mod in Silver
Lite 40 Box Mod in Silver

JOMOTech pre-installs a coil with each tank, whether sold separately or as a kit. Currently, it seems that official replacement coils are only available at 0.5 ohms, though the mod itself is certified down to 0.3 ohms. Of course, 0.5 ohms is an industry standard that a majority of sub-ohm vapers enjoy, so this is unlikely to deter anyone looking for a nice basic kit like the Lite 40. And if you like to rebuild your own coils, you certainly have that option.

Overall, we think the Lite 40 shines for its affordability and simplicity. It’s not a fancy device, but it’s also not priced like one. If we have any Lite 40’s in stock, you will find it right here.

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function initialize() {
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var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
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google.maps.event.addDomListener(window, ‘load’, initialize);
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